Collection: Soil to Studio

We are a Brooklyn based textile design studio and we love creating slow textiles that add warmth, softness and bring a quiet luxury to our homes. Textiles that are handwoven on traditional looms using natural fibers so our homes can feel as close to nature as possible. We also make everything by hand; the old fashioned way.

Our artisans are our soul - our inspiration. Away from the hustle and bustle of city lives, they live a life of unadulterated simplicity. Our products are a manifestation of their workmanship, skill, knowledge and way of living. We see our approach to production as a direct investment in the lives of the artisans we work with. At Soil to Studio, our mission is to empower the families behind the craft, preserve local craftsmanship and continue to create sustainable livelihoods. The artisans set their own wages and we are committed to following fair trade practices in all aspects of our business.

Blurring boundaries and exploring the realm of art together, we truly are one big family. We look forward to you joining us on this journey.

You can check out more of their products and information here