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My name is Soniya, I’m 25 years old ,born and raised in Queens, NY. I’m a first generation Nepali-American in my family.

How did Soni Studio come to fruition? 
I’m a very creative person. I love to design, make art and be surrounded by it. Soni Studio was always an idea for as long as I can remember but I kept putting it in the back of my mind because I didn’t feel ready. With my background in Fashion and Design, it was obvious that my products would fall in that category. During the pandemic, I gave myself more time to brainstorm and practice making jewelry. It came natural to me and I started making other things like candles, trinkets and homeware pieces. I truly feel in my element when I’m crafty.

What were your initial thoughts and intentions for your brand and how have those ideas maybe changed or transformed throughout the process?
I was very certain that I wanted my products to be handmade or designed by me. I wanted to be 100% involved in everything from scratch and that hasn't changed. The identity of the brand is still evolving. I’m still learning as I go and I’m very experimental and open to changes.

How has your cultural background or how you were brought up play a part in where you are today? Has it?
I’m Nepali-American, so culture plays a big influence in my products whether that is with color, design scheme or materials. Jewelry is a huge deal in Nepali culture. Everyone adorns it. It is very symbolic and an integral part of your identity. Just like Fashion, you can have fun with jewelry and I always want to celebrate that.

What difficulties have you found in pursuing your business and how have you overcome them?
A difficulty I’ve found in pursuing my small business on the side is time management. Sometimes your 9-5 gets the best of us but having a creative outlet (Soni Studio) has been very therapeutic to me. I’m still trying to find the best work flow/structure. I hope I can pursue my small business full time one day, God willing

What has given you the most joy from starting your business?
The most joy I get is the interaction with my customers. I love seeing people wear my jewelry or show any type of appreciation/love. It makes me feel very proud that someone else likes my designs. I get daily “pinch-me” moments and it motivates me to keep going. 

How would you say your business makes a difference in our everyday life? Or if it doesn’t already, how do you think you could adjust your business plan to make more of an impact?
Running a business on the side is a big responsibility. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas, plans and launches. In the moments when I’m not making jewelry, I’m definitely brainstorming 24/7. I’m trying to create a healthy work-life balance so that I don't overwhelm myself either.

Did you ever think you’d be running your own business? Was there always this vision to be an entrepreneur?
I always knew I was going to be an entrepreneur. Everyone in my family owns a business of some sort, so that is all I saw growing up. My parents taught me the importance of having your own and not relying on others. They have been very supportive throughout this journey. 

What is the reality behind running your own business? If you had to give advice, what would it be?
The reality is that I wish I had more time. Sometimes I think I need assistance but then I end up doing everything because I’m stubborn. Your business feels like your baby and you don't want anyone or anything hurting it. Advice for anyone in general is to take healthy breaks. There is always a solution but you might not get it right away. Sometimes you have to step away from a problem, distract yourself and come back to it with a different mindset.

Let's get personal!

Introvert or extravert? Both! I love being social but I also love my alone time.

Books or Movies? Movies/sitcoms

Favorite Pastime? I love to go thrifting!

A time you learned a lesson? and what was that lesson? 
I was really able to see who genuinely supported me when I started Soni Studio. My business is important to me and those who knew that, supported it too and that's all that matters. 

Lastly, if you had to give advice to your younger self what would you say?
If I was to give my younger self any advice it would be to not worry too much or rush things. Great things take time. 

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