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Perfect Pairings | 2021

Perfect Pairings | 2021

The holidays are HERE and this year, more than any other, there will be higher risk for shopping late in the game. I know we would all like to be over and done with it, but reality is that the pandemic has and continues to make shopping difficult due to lack of product, slow shipping and over all shortage of workers everywhere. So please be kind to the workers that are doing their jobs as best as possible understaffed and do your part by shopping at a timely manner. Specially within the small business and maker community, we don't have as much push or...

Even Keel | Behind the Brand

We are happy to introduce En, owner and maker behind Even Keel. We are ecstatic to have Even Keel in our line up of makers as our first Asian-owned brand, but definitely not the last! En is originally from Singapore and has been living in New York for the last 13 years. We hope you’re as excited as we are to get the back story behind the brand, Even Keel. 

Soil to Studio | Cotton Textiles

Sitting behind the loom, listening to Bollywood songs and weaving magic along with their friends is more satisfying to them. The appreciation of their work and craft is what they live for. 

Her Journey towards Mental Health + Personal Wellness | M.E.C.

Her Journey towards Mental Health + Personal Wellness | M.E.C.

Mental illness was once simply a concept to me, not an experience. Growing up, there were casual mentions of how mental health was something to take note of, but it paled in importance to due-dates, assignments, and the demands of daily life. As the daughter of two immigrants, the expectations I set for myself were astronomically high, trying to reach the stars in homage to the sacrifices of my parents. In this paradigm of mine, staying motivated was the only priority. Exhaustion was acceptable, perhaps honorable, but perseverance would always triumph and see me through another day...

Paying Homage

Here is a cry to the white makers, shakers, the small and local businesses + artisans. We have a duty to showcase and uphold the traditional krafts from our ancestors and those before us.