We're not just a shop, but a community.

We aim to inspire change through everyday objects and initiatives. We support a community that celebrates diversity and inclusion through slow living and mindful solutions.

Join us in creating a space where individuals uplift one another through conscious consumerism and the desire to embody change and togetherness while using their voice. Through self care/reflection, inspiration + empowerment, and made by hand items with the best intentions and our environment in mind, we can create a welcome community for all.


As a creative (Graphic Designer by day), I have always been an advocate for the small business + handmade community. This was/is great, but I’ve been struggling with the  fact that there is a huge lack of representation for BIPOC makers/small businesses. This only led me to discomfort. From those feelings I realized I did not want to continue the cycle— white woman opening yet another small boutique and lending support to other white-owned small businesses (there’s more than enough of that). I’m following what feels right and using the tools I have in order to support and represent ALL women of different backgrounds and ethnicities in hopes to help shift the scales of equity and overall togetherness.

JLM was formed from two passions and made into one’s purpose. Throughout the years, I have grown to care and learn more about our environment, systemic issues, human rights and our relationship towards material things. This started a journey where I am making the decision to consciously watch my, and others, actions (I must admit, I still have a long way to go). Self reflection and inward thinking, unrepresented parts within self care, have been truly eye opening in reorganizing personal priorities.

With this platform, I hope to spark the desire for change and to highlight that in order to create change it doesn’t always have to be protesting or making large gestures or donations. We can do our part by consciously living day to day with intention— supporting businesses you truly believe in rather than large corporations, switching out on the shelf items to those that are made by hand and/or eco-friendly, second hand shopping rather than purchasing clothes that will barely last the season, sit down and watch an educational documentary rather than binge watching that show everyone else is (don’t worry, you’ll get to it), practice self care and understanding your thoughts, body and boundaries, call out your friends and family when they make a joke that really isn’t one at all. I believe there is so much strength and power in We the People if only we harnessed it, together.

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