Perfect Pairings

Perfect Pairings

The holidays are HERE and this year, more than any other, there will be higher risk for shopping late in the game. I know we would all like to be over and done with it, but reality is that the pandemic has and continues to make shopping difficult due to lack of product, slow shipping and over all shortage of workers everywhere. So please be kind to the workers that are doing their jobs as best as possible understaffed and do your part by shopping at a timely manner. Specially within the small business and maker community, we don't have as much push or pull as those in corporate america. With that said, we've gathered some of our favorite products and created quality pairings to help y'all to find the perfect gifts for family and friends no matter what your budget may be. 

Exfoliating Washcloth + Nourishing Bars –  $25 

100% Agave woven Exfoliating Washcloth  Nourishing Face and Body Soap Bars

Perfect for everyone, including you if you’ve got a tight budget. This is a great starter kit to skincare for those who care about their skin, but may not quite be into skincare. Or, for those who already have a skincare routine, opt for all natural products and you’re doing them a solid by replenishing their basics (you can never have too many soaps/facial cleansers, they are a MUST). 

Heal Clay Mask + Toner – Under $50

Heal Charcoal Clay Mask  

These items go hand in hand. Great for those who have yet to find products that work for their unsteady complexion or love a good self care Sunday! Who doesn’t love a good healing mask and toner mist to pamper themselves. 

Apothecary Jar Candle + Color Block Coasters – Under $75

Forest and Gardenia Apothecary Jar Candle with cork top  Forest Green hand woven Wool Coasters

Now this is a gift for those who love to nest. Imagine lighting a candle, placing it on the softest of wool coasters on the table closest to the comfiest nook and picking up where you left off in a book. Sound like someone familiar? We all have at least one person like this in our circle. Check 

Plant-based Infusion mix + Plant dyed Silk Bandana – Under $100

Espresso Martini Cocktail Infusion Mix  

Now this is the perfect duo to bring to the hostest with the mostest for all your holiday gatherings. It'll be the talk of the party and you can use one to wrap the other– no gift wrap necessary!

Kundalini Earrings + Clarity oil – Under $150

Spiral Cone Kundalini Brass Earrings  

Perfect for those who feel strong energy shifts and can get  anxious specifically throughout the holidays with all the gatherings and socialization. The calming scent of our Clarity oil perfume will have them zen and able to enjoy the evening.

Room Fragrance Mist + Chhavi Linen Throw Pillow – Under $150

Salt Water and Agave Room Mist  Block Printed Linen Throw Pillow with Tassles

These are for the friend who has that refined sense of style and design when it comes to putting together a space. They’ll love any of our handwoven pillows (with karate chop approved inserts) and enjoy a room spray that looks cute on display– design meets function is an interior designers dream.

Zahira Earrings + Maraya Talisman Necklace – Over $200

Zahira Brass Earrings  Maraya Talisman Brass Chain Link Necklace

This is the ultimate gift for generations. Contemporary design that will last through the ages and brass that will only look better over time. A gift for mom, that will in time be passed down to you, your daughter and on. Let’s call it a future investment. 

Hope this helps and inspires your holiday shopping! Wishing you a merry and safe season.

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