Hortulus Farm + Nursury: 2023 Market Recap

Hortulus Farm + Nursury: 2023 Market Recap

This past weekend we had the pleasure of being a part of the Craftery along with 50+ Local small businesses at the Hortulus Farm + Nursery family festival and summer market. Not gonna lie, it was a rough one. The weather put us through it with the possibility of rain and thunderstorms throughout the day, high humidity and temps, as well as greenhouse effects. Though through it all, it was a truly magical experience ✨

I mean, just look at the location. Can you say, d r e a m y ?



Not only was the location spot on, the people were great. I quote one beautiful soul said to us while taking in our setup and products, “You’re like a mini Anthropologie” (I take this as a pretty big compliment 💁🏻‍♀️). Her eyes lit up like a millennial in a plant shop. Ya’ll this is why we do this.

We also got the chance to make new friends and reconnect with others. There’s no feeling like when you are able to meet in person with those who are good company and like minded.


We met Nestle, founder of Tone Collection, at a previous Craftery market. She is the sweetest and her candle company is top notch –their branding is to die for! So good! They focus on sustainable, vegan wax candles and even hand-pour their concrete vessels. A truly elevated handcrafted product.



We recently stumbled upon Christina of Cloude Skincare on social and have slowly been dropping likes on her page in order to find a way to initiate conversation and he we were at the same market! Such a vibrant soul and variety of skincare goodness. Give her some love 💞



A friend of ours, Victoria ( a fellow small business owner herself ) visited and brought much needed refreshing vibes for the day. She is a kind soul and a talented photographer. Thanks for the love!  

Last we wanted to share a full circle moment –turns out that one of the Craftery staff helping out at the market, Kelli, is a former customer who was at one of our markets in Upstate New York a couple years ago! She lives in the Lehigh Valley which my husband and I and JLM now reside in. She also used to work at Lehigh Valley Style which my full time job at Pressed Bouquet Shop has been published by multiple times! It’s such a small world y’all. She is one of the nicest and most encouraging and connected women I have ever met and I hope that this is just the beginning of our ongoing story. Follow her on insta for all the hidden gems in the Lehigh Valley!


Okay, let’s get to the good stuff,

Our Market Haul


Goodlands Food Co

A bottle of their Jalapeño Dill Pickle hot sauce and the Garden Party Spice Flight: rhubarb habanero, carrot habanero, lemon love and spicy basil hot sauce.

Cannot wait to get into these!




Hope’s Caramels

I have been converted. I don’t usually enjoy caramels, but these. These are very good. I highly suggest checking them out.

I got two different flavors: chai and spicy caramels. And then a bag of their classic for my momma (she loves caramels, obvs).



Check out our top 3 best sellers from this market

Beeswax taper candles

Nourishing bars

Bath Set


Overall, this market was was one for the books. We love our ever growing community and thank you for your love and support for what we stand for and bring to the table. 

We’d love to meet you all! Let us know of a market near you that you think we should check out. You never know where we may pop up 💫

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