10% Pledge

We desire a community where we uplift and support one another. We're not just talking the talk, but we are walking the walk. We have asked each of our brands to bring to the table a cause that they feel strongly about in order for us to spread awareness and give our support. We couldn't be prouder of the organizations chosen.

We pledge to donate 10% of our profits quarterly to each of these causes.

It's time we put money where our mouth is and invest in our communities in an attempt to restore the balance within our society for real change. For far too long, we have allowed misrepresentation and negligence to pursue and divide. It's time We the People rally together to take action for real change and betterment for our own.

To Be Announced
honoring Even Keel

To Be Announced
honoring Mahnal

Food Corps
honoring Salut

Equal Justice Initiative
honoring Simplee Made

To Be Announced
honoring Soil to Studio

To Be Announced
honoring xo Brown Girl

To Be Announced
1502 Candle Co.

We encourage you to join in the action and head to any of the organizations above (or any other organization that interests you) to donate on your own accord. Any amount, large or small can make the world of difference.