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Soil to Studio’s cotton textiles get woven in Bhujodi in Gujarat. The weavers in this tiny village of Gujarat have been weaving since they could remember. They know nothing but weaving and they are very happy with what they do and have. “Each one I spoke to seem very content and have no dreams to move to a city or have a job in a factory.” Weaving is their family craft and they want their children to learn this craft as well. They take pride in what they do.

Sitting behind the loom, listening to Bollywood songs and weaving magic along with their friends is more satisfying to them. The appreciation of their work and craft is what they live for. 



It takes them around 6 - 8 months to learn various steps in weaving. They weave all 7 days and get 1 day off in a month which they spend with their family. There is no Sunday! They start at 8am and finish by 6pm and yet they enjoy their work and have no complaints.


There’s something so calming about seeing them drying on the clothes line.

The textiles are all hand washed twice or sometimes thrice to remove the starch. The starch helps the fibers to stiffen up a bit and not break during the weaving process.

One person often not celebrated enough is the washer who hand washes all the yardages and then irons them - all by hand! He is 54 years old and says that his work is a great form of exercise and keeps him young! 



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