Support Latinx Brands : 2023 Directory

In honor of Hispanic and/or Latinx heritage month, we are sharing a directory of our favorite Latinx brands! Find a few of these brands in our own marketplace like Salut, Oeste and Circular Bodies. 

Throughout the month of September we shed light on these brands and asked them if they would share some insight into what their culture means to them and how it has impacted their businesses. Read below to hear their stories. 💕




“My Central American roots are intrinsic to all I do at Oeste. Oeste candles were born as a way to forge connection with my family and culture via scent and memories while I was homesick living on the east coast and they were all back west in LA.  

And now in this new chapter of Oeste, we have a brick and mortar retail space where my goal is to highlight and celebrate not just my work and culture, but the work of fellow latinx designers, makers, and artisans and all the beauty and talent that is found throughout the Latin America diaspora which has unfortunately often been ignored in the world of design. Representation matters!”

— Naomi | Oeste, Founder and Maker



“Im Hannah. I'm from Puerto Rico and my parents are from Cuba. Growing up, my days were filled with family, love, discipline, and endless opportunities, all because of my parents' non-stop efforts. They consistently encouraged me to be the best version of myself, and their words of wisdom still resonate with me. "Trabaja fuerte y logras lo que quieres. No te rindas!" They instilled in me the belief that with steadfast dedication and hard work, any goal is within reach. Their stories of leaving Cuba, facing challenges, and pursuing their dreams have deeply shaped who I am. I channel this legacy of resilience into my business, Salut. Running a business is indeed a rollercoaster with its highs and lows, but the story of my family's journey always serve as a guiding light, reminding me of the enduring strength of persistence and hard work!”

— Hannah | Salut, Co-founder


“Growing up in Brazil shaped who I am and my connection to nature. When I moved to the U.S. I was firsthand the amount of trash produced and the excessive amount of products available for purchase everywhere. I wanted to honor the practices I learned at home: only using what you need and being mindful of what you use. I started Circular Bodies to honor a way to live that is not centered around having more, but centered around quality and health. Growing up in nature taught me the importance of taking care of the Earth and doing what we can to live in harmony with all that exists.”

— Dominique | Circular Bodies, Owner and Maker



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