Support AAPI Brands : 2023 Directory

In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islanders heritage month, we are sharing a directory of our favorite AAPI brands! Find a few of these brands in our own marketplace like Even Keel, Soil to Studio, and Soni Bean

Throughout the month of May we'll be giving back to non-profit(s) chosen by these brands. Proceeds will be taken from each order and given to The Rainforest Foundation! Help us make the world a better place 💕


For the Home


Soil to Studio

Subtle Art Studios

Oliver Flynn

Tone Collection

Filling Spaces

Morrow Soft Goods






Hey Moon Designs

Mantle Jewellery

Una Artesana


Soni Bean



Care for You




Even Keel

The Mantra Co



Share your favorite AAPI brands in the comments 


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