An Ode to Black Women

An Ode to Black Women

Black women,
You are strong.
You bare the weight of the world
and gain nothing in return,
only more weight
as you fight for what is right.
You fight for Your right.

Black women,
They do not know
all the power that you hold.
The strength as you continue to stand––
continue to Make a stand.

Oh Black women,
Rest your feet,
your heart,
your shoulders,
your head.
Rest your soul,
the soul of those before.

Black women,
You are the light.
You make this world right.
As you stay wound tight,
you dim that light.
Stand your ground,
let that light shine bright.

Black women,
Let this one breath consume
all the fears that you fear
as this year,
we shed one tear.
Justice for one,
we shall have justice for all.

This was written in response to the recent verdict for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. I hope that you breathe a little easier going into this new year. 

Celebrate and support Black women:
Butter + Lye
xo Brown Girl

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